Thursday, December 3, 2009

Tahmidul's Thesis paragraph

The United States is a nation that influences the rest of the world in many ways. They are a powerful nation that has control of other nations. And they also have a history of invading countries for the wrong reasons and simply because they want to. An example of this is the war and invasion of Iraq. They invaded Iraq on the fact that they had weapons of mass destruction and that they posed a threat to the U.S. Which wasn't true.America is a self interested country and they do what needs to be done for the benefit of the country as they use imperial power to succeed.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

research brainstorn

Country: Iraq

Iam interested in this country because I want to know what happened in the past between the U.S. and Iraq. I think that Iraqs former leader Sadam Hussien had some sort of business relation with U.S. But I might be wrong.

From the knowledge that I have I think that the United States always kept an eye on Iraq because the resources that Iraq has. Iraq has alot of oil. U.S. knows that and this makes Iraq a valuable country to them.

Based on my knowledge so far I do think that the relationship between these two countries support the theseis which is that " The United States is an imperial power". I Feel this way because the United States had their way with Iraq. They claimed that Sadam Hussien had weapons of mass destruction. So they killed him. I dont think Iraq did have any WMD but even if they did so what? Why are the United States allowed to have it and no one else. Im sure thatg China had it too but U.S. did not invade china. The main reason they invaded Iraq was for oil. Im sure everyone knows that. And how does this relate to U.S. imperialism. Well after they did all that they had thier troop in Iraq and u.S. tried to fix the Iraq govenment even when the people did not want them their.

What I really want to find out more is there past relationship. Going far back.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

colbert video response

I find Klein's thought of the Shock Doctrine very interesting. The US government takes advantage of the people when they are in a state of shock or in trouble times. I think that this very true because I believe that the united states is a self interested nation and that they will get what they want when they want. Klein used hurrican Katrina as an example. She said that one republian member said that they couldnt clean out public housing but God did. This was very disturbing to me becuase during this tragedy people still find pleasure from it because it might of benifited them. And I loved how Colbert kept delivering those jokes. "How can capitalism be a disaster?" LOL!!

Revised pragraph

1)Original paragragraph

There is also a negative side to this corporation. Although it represents power it also represents obeisity. Peoples lives are affected because their health is a concern. it impacted large number of countries with the rise of obeisty. Although people know that Mcdonalds is unhealthy, they tend to eat it. Mcdonalds still make their money. And that's another symbol of power.

2) Revised paragraph)

There ia alos a negative side to this corporation. Although it represents power it also represents obeisity. The people who eat Mcdonalds are effected because their health is a concern. It affected a large number of countries with the rise of obeisity. In Fast Food Nation it stated that that the United States has the highest obesisty rate of any industrialized nation in the world. More than half of all American children are now obeise or overwheight. According to nutritionist James O. Hill, America got the fattest, least fit generation of kids ever. Although people know that Mcdonalds is unhealthy, they tend to eat it. Mcdonalds still make their money. And that's another symbol of power, because the american people and people from other countries still eats it knowing that its bad for them. Obeisity rates rises and so does Mcdonalds money.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Personal Responses

"America in the world." Whats my view on this? Well the view I had of this was how America influences the restof the world. How America is the center of the world when it comes to countries. I actually believe that,because America is the superpower that everyone knows of. They are the empire of today. America influences the rest of the world their culture. Such as clothing, music, technology. I kind of go against Obama's statement. Obama said that America is not self interested empire. I think they are but they try not to show it.


My experience on writing the first essay was a good experience. I knew exactly what to write because the instructions was very clear. The essay type was very familiar to me because I wrote alot of similar essay in the past. It compares to alot of my essays that I wrote in the past but it also differs. It differs because this essay had restrictions on how to start. We actually dicussed it in class. It was helpfull. I think of myself as a good writer when it comes to expressing my thoughts and opinions or responding to a question. But my writing skills can improve such as grammer and spelling. Im not horrible at it but theres always room for improvement when it comes to grammer, spelling and punctuation. I think that if I keep practicing and keep writing essays, I will improve in those categories and become a stronger writer. I think by the end of this course I will be a much stronger writer.