Thursday, October 22, 2009

colbert video response

I find Klein's thought of the Shock Doctrine very interesting. The US government takes advantage of the people when they are in a state of shock or in trouble times. I think that this very true because I believe that the united states is a self interested nation and that they will get what they want when they want. Klein used hurrican Katrina as an example. She said that one republian member said that they couldnt clean out public housing but God did. This was very disturbing to me becuase during this tragedy people still find pleasure from it because it might of benifited them. And I loved how Colbert kept delivering those jokes. "How can capitalism be a disaster?" LOL!!

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  1. Tommy - First off, I'm sorry to have not had your blog link before - check for comments on all your posts!

    Good reflections - think about if you can specify more - does all of "America" have the same interests? Whose interests are we talking about here?