Thursday, November 5, 2009

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Country: Iraq

Iam interested in this country because I want to know what happened in the past between the U.S. and Iraq. I think that Iraqs former leader Sadam Hussien had some sort of business relation with U.S. But I might be wrong.

From the knowledge that I have I think that the United States always kept an eye on Iraq because the resources that Iraq has. Iraq has alot of oil. U.S. knows that and this makes Iraq a valuable country to them.

Based on my knowledge so far I do think that the relationship between these two countries support the theseis which is that " The United States is an imperial power". I Feel this way because the United States had their way with Iraq. They claimed that Sadam Hussien had weapons of mass destruction. So they killed him. I dont think Iraq did have any WMD but even if they did so what? Why are the United States allowed to have it and no one else. Im sure thatg China had it too but U.S. did not invade china. The main reason they invaded Iraq was for oil. Im sure everyone knows that. And how does this relate to U.S. imperialism. Well after they did all that they had thier troop in Iraq and u.S. tried to fix the Iraq govenment even when the people did not want them their.

What I really want to find out more is there past relationship. Going far back.


  1. Good start. You want to think about how to focus your topic as you'll obviously find tons of stories about Iraq in the news. Think about searches that will best help you answer your question.

  2. I concur with the Prof!